Welcome to the Freedomverse!

  • In order to handle a large number of players, characters and GM, we have to establish a set of rules to help preserve the setting and ensure that GM’s of various skill levels can work with the characters being brought to their games with a minimum of effort.


  • Our general Philosophy is that you are creating characters that will participate in Group Play. Characters that can “do everything” or don’t need a team at all are anathema to that goal. This means that characters like that will not be approved.
  • Characters should be designed to be fun, not in an effort to be “unbeatable.” M&M is an easy game to break. We’ve all seen character than can destroy the Earth for a handful of Power Points and we’re not impressed. Don’t try and bring in characters with unstoppable attacks or impenetrable defenses.

Power Level Shifts

  • PL Shifts are limited to 50% of the PL.
  • PL 8 games, the maximum shift is 4
  • PL 10 games, the maximum shift is 5.
  • Shifts of more than 2 or 3 will receive additional scrutiny and must make sense for the character.

Action Economy Issues

  • Powers and Abilities that break the action economy will be heavily regulated and only approved on a case by case basis, and only at low Effect Ranks.
  • Minions, Sidekicks, Summoning are not allowed.
  • Minions that can not affect combat in any way MAY be allowed in certain circumcstances.

Reaction and Triggered Effects

  • Quickness (for non-combat effects)
  • Quickness isn’t banned, but how you use it will be closely monitored.
  • Takedown 2 combined with high Movement Ranks.

Story Breaking Issues

  • Meta-level game breaking effects that create chaos in storytelling or in challenging the players are highly restricted.
  • “Bathroom Mentalists” — characters that can “attack” without being readily attacked in return are unacceptable and will not be approved.
  • Reaction Movement effects fall into this Category.
  • Senses: Penetrates Concealment or Remote Sensing are key effects that may invoke this rejection.
  • Holding Back — Creates difficult and unbalanced gameplay situations and is generally not allowed.
  • Variable — The Variable power is highly problematic and is not allowed.
  • This is the Variable Effect being discussed, not the Variable Descriptor Modifier. They are separate things.

General Effects

These are Effects that don’t fall into the above Categories.

  • Intelligence, Jack of All Trades, Eidetic Memory
  • This combination may be allowed, but can be problematic.
  • It has to make sense for the character and it must not obviate other players ability to contribute.


  • High ranks of Damage Immunity should be limited in some fashion.
  • Immunity: Toughness, Fortitude and Will — players may only have one of these, and Toughness must be limited in some fashion.


  • Excessive levels of Luck (3+) will be heavily regulated.
  • Freedomverse allows the Expanded Luck categories from Power Profiles.
  • Reaction and Trigger can only be activated by an event that has already happened, not that is going to happen.
  • Healing is limited to 5 ranks for use on others. For use on self only, all of the limits discussed below for Regeneration apply.


  • High ranks is not a casual choice and should be central to the character and limited in some fashion. What does this mean specifically?
  • Generally speaking, a Regeneration of 5 or under is acceptable with nearly any build.
  • For characters with a Regeneration between 6-9 the balance of the Regen will be much more tightly scrutinized in relation to the build as whole and may require some balancing with a limitation of some kind.
  • A Regeneration of 10 or higher will always require a balancing or limiting element of some kind.
  • When combined with other strong defensive effects (Toughness, Insubstantial, Concealment) may result in a Story-Breaking character. Use caution.

Shared Equipment Points

  • Unless on a Vetted Superteam, this is not generally allowed without specific permission.
  • Holding Back is not allowed in The Freedomverse.

Crafting and World Changes


Crafting follows the RAW rules for the most part. There is a change to the skill used in the Construction Phase, however.


  • The character must have the Artificer, Inventor or Ritualist Advantages.
  • The player must have access to appropriate materials needed.
  • Design Phase: The GM rolls the the characters Technology or Expertise: Magic skill
  • The DC is 10 + the Total PP to be put into the Invention.
  • This requires 1 Hour per PP to be put into the Invention and may be reduced using Mental Quickness.
  • This may be done as a Routine Check at the players request.
  • On Failure, the player my try again, with the same investment of time.
  • This phase is skipped when Jury Rigging.
  • Construction Phase: The player rolls an appropriate Expertise skill to build the item (Engineering, Robotics, Smithing, etc).
  • The DC is 10 + the Total PP to be put into the Invention. If Jury-Rigging, the DC is increased by 5.
  • This requires 4 Hours per PP to be put into the Invention and may be reduced by Physical Quickness. If Jury-Rigging, time is reduced to 1 round per PP in which case Quickness does not apply..
  • This may be done as a Routine Check unless it is being Jury Rigged.
  • On Failure, the device simply does not work.
  • Items built in this way may be used for a single scene before becoming nonfunctional.