Creating a character

So you are ready to create a new character to join the Freedomverse. That’s great! We have some simple steps for you to follow to get your character squared away and in line with our house rules and expectations.

Step 1 – Conceive your Character: Think about what they can do and who they are. if you have any questions about how to do something or how the rules work, please feel free to ask in our #Hero-High channel.

Step 2 – Build your Character: Ok now you have a handle on how everything is going to work, its time to build the first draft of your character. Once that’s done toss a complete build of them up in our #Heroic-Builds channel. Here you can get feedback and experienced advice from our community. They can help make sure your character is following our guidelines and house rules. It often takes a few passes to get everything right.
Don’t be afraid to revisit and rebuild your ideas until they work for you.

Step 3 – Submit your Character: Before a character can be played in Freedomverse games they have to be approved by our GM team. Once you have your build all hammered out, there a couple things to do. First, fill out the “New character Submission Form” that is pinned in the #heroic-Builds channel in the Freedomverse server. This will alert the team to your request for vetting. The vetting process usually takes 24-48hrs and is handled by at least two GMs directly, with a final overview by the whole team.
You can check the status of your submission, along with any feedback and recommendations for changes on the “Freedomverse Vetting Status” page which is also linked in #Heroic-Builds. Once you have been given some feedback and you have then either applied it or have questions on how to proceed, you can resubmit it for review on the vetting form.

Step 4 – Upload your Character: Now that you are all approved it time to upload the final draft of your character here onto the Freedomverse Character database.