So you are thinking about running a game in the Freedomverse. That’s great! The following are some general guidelines to keep in mind.

The Freedomverse is a shared universe, so each story you tell gets added into the ever growing history of our world. As such, keep in mind how your story ideas might affect that larger world. If you are concerned that an idea might be too much, discuss it with your fellow GMs and players to see what they think.

  • In general, no destroying the planet, important cities, or other major events that might change the Freedomverse as a whole.

Also, since this is a collaborative story telling process, make to consult with your players about major effects your plans may have on their sense of their character and it’s story arc. If they aren’t comfortable with it, please respect that.

When you are ready to run your game, there are a few steps that we ask that you take, mostly to help keep things organized for us.

  1. First, create your game on Roll20.
  2. Second, go the Freedomverse wiki and follow the steps there for creating a game.
  3. Finally, make a post on our discord server in the #freedomverse-lfg channel to let players know about your game. Make sure to remember to post what Theme your game is going to be so players know what kind of characters to apply with.


  • After the game is done, go on over to the Adventure Log on the Freedomverse page, and fill out a short summary of the session. This helps not only our records, but also to create the growing story of our shared world.
  • As you create Villains, NPC’s, and Organizations for your adventures, you can archive them with a description and even sets of stats in the NPC section on the Characters page. Just make sure to click the correct box when you create them.
  • Each session, your players each earn a Power Point for their characters. If they did an especially good job, got into some deep roleplay, or just plain deserve it, you may award them additional benefits; such as an extra Hero Point to carry over into their next game, a new advantage or complication, a bump to their Wealth Score, etc.
  • There are no hard and fast rules rules for how long a “session” is exactly, but a solid 2-4hrs is average for an encounter adventure or full mission. They might stretch a bit longer, but anything over 6 should definitely be considered 2 sessions in terms of time invested. In the end, its up to the GM so use your own judgement.
  • Each time you run a session, you also earn 1 Power Point that you may apply to any of your own characters you currently have running in the Freedomverse. This is a thank you for all your work, and to help encourage and incentivize people who are interested in possibly running games.
  • After you run 3 games in the Freedomverse, you earn the @GM tag in our discord server. This gives you access to the #freedomverse-gm-chat channel, where we discuss story ideas, house rules, world building, and plan the future of The Freedomverse as a whole.

Thanks for running a game in the Freedomverse!