Creating a Game

When setting up a game, please make an entry in the Calendar using the main menu on the left.
In addition to the normal details the Calendar asks for, please make an entry in the description, using the following example as a format:

Game: The Game’s the Thing
Roll20 Link:
Ran: 5/5 hours
GM: Ahpook
Players/Characters: JBone(Nuthin), Lass(Rainbow), Fyndhal(Invictus), US Avenger(Glory), Fweee(Morthwyn)
Rewarded: 1pp, 1hp to each

If your game is a different PL than 10, indicate that as well so players know to apply with appropriate characters. Afterwards, you can update it with the run time and rewards the heroes received.
This will allow us to keep track of who is playing in what games, what rewards they are receiving, and from whom. Also, it will create a living history of our campaign world as it grows and expands over time.