New Player Guidelines

The following are some handy guidelines for getting you started as a new player!

  • In order to participate you must first upload a character here in the Freedomverse Obsidian Portal campaign page.
    Feel free to look around and explore! When you are ready, go check out our wiki and follow the guidelines for creating your character.
  • You may have any number of characters in the Freedomverse up the current Power Level limit. Generally, we run games at two tiers, PL 8 and PL 10.
  • When a GM advertises for a game, they will make a link to the join page in our #freedomverse-lfg channel. You can follow that link to check it out and apply. GMs always have final say on invites to their games.
    Please remember also that just because a character of yours follows all of our guidelines for character creation and house rules, a GM may still not want that particular type of character in a given game. That’s ok, not every character is right for every game. See our section on Themes of Play in the Introduction and Guidelines in our wiki for more information.
    If you don’t get selected for one game, don’t worry! There are always more being organized!
  • All games are played on roll20 and hosted in the game rooms in our Discord server.
  • After uploading a character, and playing in your first game, you will receive the @Player role in our server. This gives you access to the player role play channel, #freedomverse-rp, and makes you easily taggable for Freedomverse related announcements.
    Once you have access to the RP channel, you may interact as any character you have posted up on the Obsidian Portal site.
  • Each time you play in a session in the Freedomverse, you earn 1 Power Point. These are yours to spend freely on the character that earned it. Make sure to remember to update your sheet when you do!
  • Villain characters are allowed, but must still fit into our 4-Color universe and adhere to their Theme appropriately
  • Player versus Player combat is not allowed in the Freedomverse under normal circumstances. We are here to work at having fun together, not be antagonistic.
    In-character rivalries, complex relationships, having an arch-nemesis, and other story enhancing elements between characters are still thoroughly encouraged!