Welcome to the Freedomverse!

This is the place where you can finally be the Hero you have always wanted to be! In the Freedomverse you are free to tell YOUR Heroic stories!

But what is the Freedomverse?

We are an online interactive gaming community organized around Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds game, created by Steve Kenson. Other than being fans, we are in no way affiliated in any official capacity with the Publisher or the Authors.

The Freedomverse is a shared gaming world loosely based in the default setting for Mutants and Masterminds called Earth Prime. But the name doesn’t just come from Freedom City, we call it The Freedomverse because it is also a place for you to feel free to create your own stories and adventures.

The Freedomverse is by intention a 4-color universe. What does that mean? It means good guys are always good, bad guys are always bad. Its ok to beat up bad guys because they deserve it. Defeating someone does not mean that they are dead, just knocked out or otherwise incapacitated. If a death does occur, its a major story point, not something that just casually happens. Within this over arcing framework are three sub categories or themes.

Cartoony: Wacky fun, silly, campy games involving a lot of humor and silly character concepts.
Heroic: The standard 4-color themes, characters and adventures. Good is good and bad is bad.
Greyscale: Stories involving more psychological, modern, and real-world issues, situations, and characters.

The games are usually organized as one shots or mini campaigns, and all take place within our shared world. The characters you make may be used in any game they are approved for, and their Power Points, character arcs, and stories carry over from game to game, even if run by different GMs.

The Freedomverse grew out of our Mutants and Masterminds discord server.

In this server is where we organize and advertise all of our games, chat, and most importantly host games in our game rooms and voice chat. So in order to participate in a Freedeomverse game, you must be on discord and join the server.

More on making a character, being a Player or GM, joining games, and hosting games here on the Freedomverse Wiki page.

Welcome to the Freedomverse! And when in doubt, just remember our mission statement:

Team Up! Be Heroic! Save Lives!